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El Salvador

Tonight is the last class meeting for my Religion 480 class: Vocation and Christian Faith – Study Abroad in El Salvador. Over the course of the past month, as I wrote the last paper and re-read the itinerary from our trip the flashbacks and memories of our visit there came flooding back. Visiting El Salvador …

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Story Time With Dave

As little children we create our own stories. We are read to and those stories create even more stories for us to create. Then we become adults and start to limit ourselves? As adults we often tend to set limits for who we are. We limit our dreams and desires. A week in Vegas will …

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Maggie and the Kitten

Recently we went to visit my parents on the farm. If you know anything about the reproduction habits of farm cats you know that with it being the end of summer, the quantity of cats running around is plentiful to say the least. There was one small kitten that caught my attention. This kitten was …

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Perspective While Balancing in a Boot

As I type this for some reason the screen size is at 150%. I’ve never had it set to 150% so I’m not sure how that happened but it certainly is reflective of my thoughts about perspective. How even when we believe we are open to new and different ideas, how many more perspectives there …

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The Dawn of New Make Mistakes

                     This was my view as I was mid-way through a recent 5 a.m. run. It was so breathtaking that I stopped in mid-stride to take a picture. One of the reasons it took my breath away were the words that came to mind as I …

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