1-2-3 Jump!

Why is it that sometimes it takes hearing the same familiar words over and over for us to take action? For the words to suddenly resonate and hit us with more meaning than ever before? This happened to me recently on my first sailing experience. While the sailing is a whole different blog and experience, and one I elaborate on more in later blogs, I want to focus on those few words.

“At the end of the day are you going to be glad you did or didn’t?”

These were the words my friend Mike said to me to get me to jump off our 43’ sailboat and into Lake Superior. He dove in with anticipated eagerness and treaded water while encouraging me to dive in. “Come on, Shari! One, two, three!” Over and over, and I just stood on the back of the boat, not willing to jump. I’m not sure why. I knew the water was a bit cool, I was OK with that. I love the refreshing feeling and it’s just those few seconds that really make you feel surprised. While I knew I didn’t want to dive in (I always get water up my nose), I knew I could physically jump in, it wasn’t that. While I tried to use the excuse of not being a good swimmer, I knew that wasn’t the case either. I did a triathlon last summer, while I’m not a strong swimmer, I knew I could jump in and swim back to the boat or shore for that matter. I knew I would be just fine to jump in. I was feeling held back by something. Something was keeping me from jumping.

Then all of a sudden, Mike changed his tone, looked at me and said “At the end of the day are you going to be glad you did or didn’t?” Those simple words were all it took for me to jump into Lake Superior off the back of that beautiful boat into the chilly, yet refreshing and shocking water. I can still feel my body sliding straight down with the coolness enveloping me and shooting back to the surface. I popped my head out and knew immediately that jumping into the lake was the right thing to do.

Ever since then I keep asking myself how many things in life are we afraid to do? Things we feel held back by, for no reason when we know we can do them? Once we release that fear and take that first step off the edge, why do we suddenly feel alive? We are meant to do them that is why. What next thing in your life are you going to look at and say are you  glad you did or you didn’t?