It means something different to each of us. How do we know when or where we are going to find it? Often it is those little moments that appear out of nowhere that mean the most. A kind word of encouragement or thanks. A soft touch or warm hug from someone can inspire us to continue the trend and pass it along for someone else who may just need that encouragement a little bit more.

Then there are the obvious, outright inspirational thank you’s that if you are lucky, you get to hear vocalized to you. I was very fortunate recently to have just that happen. A friend came to me and actually shared with me how I had inspired him. This particular person has shared brief glimpses of his life with me before; however, this time it was different. He had run his first marathon the previous weekend so it was particularly fresh and heart-warming.
It was one of those “ah-ha” moments you have in life when you realize that something you did because you wanted to do it, gave someone else permission to do something they longed to do. Bettering themselves and accomplish something that they, too, didn’t know they were capable of.

All of this creates better life for those involved and all those they touch.

I’ve also noticed it seems to come from people and places than appear out of nowhere. This also happened to me recently after meeting someone new. This person is one of those people that when they first come into your life, you think, ‘Hey, they were really nice’ and then you find yourself drawn to them and wanting to learn more about who they are just because their aura can’t help but pull you in.

One of those people that you instantly connect with and who in return connects with you. While at first you don’t know why you are even magnetically drawn to this person, I’ve learned that while the answer at the time is never clear, I have learned to follow that inner pull and delve deeper into this person, they were brought into your life for a reason and they are put there to help you. Those reasons are not clear but just follow that instinct and it will reveal itself.

Letting yourself trust on that level is not easy.

Each new person that we meet is there to show us something that we need to learn. They are part of the next steps in our journey. It may be as simple as teaching you how to use a parking meter or it may be the person that teaches you how to run. Eventually leading you to running a marathon-or whatever your “marathon” in life looks like.

As we meet new people those who inspire and motivate us changes, sometimes daily. Be that inspiration to someone, I guarantee it will come back to you in many forms, perhaps in one of my favorites; a warm hug.