Perspective While Balancing in a Boot

As I type this for some reason the screen size is at 150%. I’ve never had it set to 150% so I’m not sure how that happened but it certainly is reflective of my thoughts about perspective. How even when we believe we are open to new and different ideas, how many more perspectives there are both from others vantage points as well as other options that we are just not aware of. I had a shift in my thoughts on perspective recently during my latest life coach training course.

The theme for the training was called Balance. Balance focused on teaching us how we can view situations in life through different lenses or perspectives. We learned different tools and techniques that allow our mind to shift and see things differently. While we were working on applying this concept to a situation in our own life, I quickly realized how this shift can work. I was moved to tears at one point just by getting up and positioning my body to a different location and viewing the situation I was “stuck” in from a different angle.

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical as I thought I considered myself a fairly open minded person with a broad range of perspectives. Needless to say, the perception I hold of my own view has changed. By physically getting up and moving to a different location, I was surprised at how my own view on a situation changed. I noticed how different views can change how we see the world, our relationships, our job, the situation. You name it.

Perspective shift can happen or be forced upon us. Recently I’ve had to change my own perspective in regard to physical limitations by being placed in a walking boot to help heal a fusion in my heel that was irritated by running. I’ve quickly developed a new perspective on handicapped accessories—including those handrails next to the toilets! While I’ve managed to get used to most maneuvering in my boot, there are still times when my perspective is quickly changed. Perspectives can take time or happen quickly like earlier today when I dropped a stack of envelopes at work and had to bend down to pick them up—in a skirt. Not as easy as it is without a boot!

It was yet another reminder that situations in life can be viewed from many angles. As I bent down to pick up those envelopes, I noticed an angle/view that I had never noticed before because I was never forced to be in that particular situation/angle before. While I’m ready to shed the boot as quickly as possible, it sure has added to my lesson on how to Balance—both emotionally through perspectives on life and physically while walking with a boot.