The Dawn of New Make Mistakes

Dawn of a New Day

Dawn of a New Day











 This was my view as I was mid-way through a recent 5 a.m. run.

It was so breathtaking that I stopped in mid-stride to take a picture. One of the reasons it took my breath away were the words that came to mind as I watched the fog and the sunrise work together to create both a beautiful scene and the start of a new day. “Each day is the start of something breathtaking.” My mind added, “Shari, you need to do something with it.”

While my immediate thought was “take a picture” as I continued on my run it became apparent to me that “do something with it” had far greater meaning.

Then came the thought, a bit later “blog about it.”  I haven’t been blogging nearly as often as I would like and it took this sunrise to snap me out of that rut, obviously.

The stunning beauty of that sunrise jarred something more in me.

Do something about it also pertains to my life coaching. While what exactly it is is yet to be determined, it helped me realize I need to be okay with making mistakes.

It occurred to me that just like the dawn of each new day, some mistakes are going to be beautiful and make an impact while others are going to seem ordinary and go unnoticed.

That sunrise inspired me to start to make more mistakes. I’ve come to realize in my own life that nothing great comes from safety and security. It’s stepping out on the ledge that causes the adrenaline, excitement and passion to flow. I know that from running, from martial arts – from pushing myself out of a comfort zone. A zone where I was stagnant, complacent and comfortable.

While I don’t know exactly what these mistakes will mean in my life, and as much as it scares me, I’ve decided it’s time to make some pretty awesome mistakes!