October 2012 archive

Birthdays….a good thing

I often wonder why so many people get bent out of shape about their birthday. They don’t want to acknowledge it and often deny it. They skirt around their age. Why do so many people think birthdays a bad thing? I love celebrating my birthday. It means I’ve lived another year. I’m very happy about …

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26.2. A few years ago this was just a random number to me. Today it represents a major life experience.  I can feel the confidence, joy, laughter, friendship, tears, pain and sense of determination that I lived during training. The meaning of this number peaked Sunday, October 7,2012 in Chicago with one adrenaline-charged feeling of …

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People amaze me…in a good way. This has become even more evident in the last couple of days as I prepare to leave for my first marathon in Chicago. The words of encouragement throughout training have been much needed and I am so grateful for them. I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I …

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