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2018 – Your Year to Make a Difference

The new year is a time of reflection for many. I’ve become more aware and engaged in reflection since becoming a life coach. Awareness has offered me not only the knowledge to set and achieve new goals, it has given me the knowledge to reflect back and appreciate all that I’ve accomplished and experienced (good …

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Crap Happens

First of all, I can’t believe it has been months since I’ve written a blog. Life has been full, fun, crazy and just plain busy and while I’ve thought about writing often, I just haven’t taken the time to capture the moments in words. Some of the events in my life over the past few …

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What’s Next?

I just counted. I graduate from college in three months – ninety days to be exact. 90 days! For me, this is a big deal. That is actually an understatement. It is a HUGE deal! Those of you that know me, know how much I enjoy college. I enjoy every aspect, the learning, my classmates, …

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Take a Deep Breath!

Take a deep breath! I learned this week (again) that stress is often self-imposed and often unnecessary. Yes, you can say that while some stress is good and is needed to move us forward in life or create awareness around a potentially dangerous situation most often stress has negative connotations. It is often self-imposed and …

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Be Unique. Be You.

Be Yourself. Stand Out. Be Unique. These words have evolved to be the theme for me for this weekend. These past few months have been filled with life experiences. Travel for both work and pleasure. Great new adventures and experiences too numerous to mention. At times crazy, at times, joyous and everything in between. Just …

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