Be Unique. Be You.

Be Unique

Be Unique

Be Yourself. Stand Out. Be Unique.
These words have evolved to be the theme for me for this weekend.

These past few months have been filled with life experiences. Travel for both work and pleasure. Great new adventures and experiences too numerous to mention. At times crazy, at times, joyous and everything in between. Just a lot of life with very little time to reflect.

I’m a firm believer in life presents opportunities just when you need them. A couple weeks ago an email popped in that called to me. Nothing crazy, just an evening hearing one of my former CTI trainers talk about his book and leadership tool (technique) called Playing Your Bigger Game. Even though there was a part of me that knew I would be tired on a Friday night, I wanted to do it. I haven’t spent much time with other coaches lately nor have I been coaching as much as I would like, so it was a selfish calling to re-energize and spend time with like-minded people and re-energize myself.

So, that is exactly what I did. One thing about the training I received as a life coach, while I still can’t coach myself, (other than some crazy self-talk) it has created for me an increased awareness around taking care of myself emotionally. I spent the evening interacting, engaging and re-charging my batteries and re-establishing my perspective. It was exactly what I needed for myself and exactly where I needed to be in that moment in time. Just like the rest of life, all of the answers didn’t magically appear to me Friday night, however it was life’s way of saying you are off track and need to re-evaluate soon!

This morning I awoke to a beautiful blue sky and decided to do my run immediately. On my way home at the very end of my run while cooling down and walking, a yellow ditch flower caught my eye. Its sunny yellow face was looking straight up at me as I wiped the sweat from my eyes from my run. There was no reason I should have noticed it. But I stopped and soon realized it was starting right at me. I paused and thought to myself, wow, this is pretty. It’s different. I’ve never seen one like it before.

Thinking to myself how pretty it was and different I tried to find others like it in the ditch. I soon realized it was a one of a kind. Unique. Different. Beautiful. One of a kind. Doing its own unique thing in the world.

All of a sudden it hit me. This is exactly the same message that was the foundational message of Rick’s presentation on Friday evening. We are each unique and different and each called to do what we are passionate about. It’s our life, our reason for existence and there is a good chance we may stand alone like this beautiful flower did. There may not be others like it or you to stand next to you, but life will provide what you need to grow and bloom and if you do your own thing, and do it well, your beauty will shine through and eventually you will be noticed and certainly enjoy your own confidence of presenting to the world your uniqueness.

As I write this I still don’t fully know what my next thing is, but I do know that flower pulled me back to knowing that being different and unique does carry a beauty with it that rivals no other and that is okay.