Crap Happens

For insurance purposes...translates to "in case you fall in."

For insurance purposes…….translates to “in case you fall in.” ~ Sara K. 

First of all, I can’t believe it has been months since I’ve written a blog. Life has been full, fun, crazy and just plain busy and while I’ve thought about writing often, I just haven’t taken the time to capture the moments in words. Some of the events in my life over the past few months are far more worthy of reflection in words (i.e. my college graduation and my daughter’s wedding are just two examples), however for some reason, this photo makes me laugh and inspired me to write, so I’m rolling with it.

A few weeks ago, I learned to drive our pontoon. While I’ve driven it out on the lake, my husband had always navigated it out of the shallow bay as well as park it next to the dock upon return. This summer, I decided that I wanted to learn how to drive it, primarily so that girlfriends and I could go out and have some quiet girl time (water is also a great coaching venue) and just enjoy the beautiful Minnesota summer.

Well, wouldn’t you know, this happened on outing #2. As my friend Sara and I prepared to depart the bay with our snacks, beverages and floaties for a mid-week outing, the motor died. While strange, I started it again…and it quickly died. Sara looked over the back of the pontoon, and stated “There is something white wrapped around the motor.” By this time, I’m thinking to myself “WTF” and I got up to check it out and realized something was definitely not right.

By this time, we are floating in-between our dock and the neighbors dock with no motor. Granted it is a shallow bay and not very big or far between the two docks but still, you feel helpless when you are floating there…in a big floating contraption that you really can’t control and knowing (from a previous outing) that the bottom of the bay drops off fast and is very mucky.

After weighing our options, we both pulled and tugged and managed to get the large piece of carpeting (apparently it fell off the neighbors dock last summer and they failed to take the time to dig it out) we still had a large amount of carpet string wrapped around the prop.

I had made a call to my husband (thank God for cell phones and that my husband’s office is 10 minutes from our cabin) and during all of this, another neighbor quickly came over with a knife (I had managed to lasso the dock and get us back) and cut the remaining string off by the time my husband and son arrived.

I considered not going out after that, however it was a beautiful day and I was determined to be independent and get out there…and we did. We stayed out for hours and enjoyed the water, sun and life. It turned out to be an absolutely perfect afternoon.

My lesson for that day? Crap happens. It’s life. Sometimes you just gotta cut through the strings and put your motor back in the water. The most beautiful, perfect day might just be on the other side of the lake.

BTW…I have to give photo credit to Sara. She was sure to capture the moment “for insurance purposes” only to later share the only reason she took the picture was because if I fell in she wanted to be sure to capture it. You just gotta love those real friends in life. 🙂

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  1. Great recap on the event Shari. What fun it was to be a part of the excitement. I’m just glad there wasn’t a body rolled up in that carpet we wrapped securely around the motor!

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