Music Moves Me

I love music. I especially love live music. Music takes me places that I have not yet experienced. It takes me back to places that I have been. Memories and emotions that hold a special place in my heart come flooding back and I relive those special times through the song. Eric Church says it well in “Springsteen” with “funny how a melody sounds like a memory.”  Most of those memories are good, although there are always a few that you want to forget.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing a variety of live performances in my life; most recently, the Zac Brown Band at the Target Center. In all performances the one thing that has become very evident to me whether it was during one of my daughter’s 10 years of piano recitals at the local music center or the stadiums filled with 20,000 people (and everything in between) the common denominator is that they all have insightful essays see see essay on why reading is better than tv phd thesis on reading comprehension viagra men under 40 clomid success rates serophene levitra kinsman how to write an essay gcse here writing your research paper tons of viagra cialis sm carvedilol interaction viagra mcbrien essays cara menggunakan cytotec go to site problems in society essay equality diversity and rights essay levitra compare amphetamine cialis click is abilify used to treat adhd passion.

Live performances allow you to feel the joy that the performer is feeling. They are sharing their passion with you. You can feel it in your chest (okay, that might be the massive amps); an energy that wells up deep inside, pushing its way up until you can’t help but sing along or dance right where you are without a care of anyone seeing you. I’ve even noticed that once you let yourself live in the moment, taking in fully the energy by singing and dancing, it allows the person next to you to do the same.

Music energizes me. Makes me happy, smile and laugh. It has made me sad, cry and has given me strength to push through tough times-both physically (those long 16-22 mile training runs come to mind) and emotionally.

There is always a song to describe exactly what you’re going through; breakups, new relationships, comfort and stability from long lasting relationships and friendships, fun experiences or just being grateful for the life you’ve been given.

The great thing about music is that it’s an art. Every artist’s viewpoint, perspective and goals are personal and different but the really neat thing is that each and every artist is human and as humans we share in similar experiences that allow us to connect and comfort each other.