Story Time With Dave

As little children we create our own stories. We are read to and those stories create even more stories for us to create.

Then we become adults and start to limit ourselves? As adults we often tend to set limits for who we are. We limit our dreams and desireStory time with Daves.

A week in Vegas will help you realize how quickly the majority of use place self-imposed limits. And how often, the dream is still alive in Vegas.

This past summer my husband and I spent a week in Las Vegas. On one of our first mornings there, shortly after I stepped off the elevator to go to breakfast, one of the first things that caught my eye was a small child in a red Spiderman costume. This little boy believed he was the real deal. He was in full costume complete with red shoes and a mask over his face. He believed he was Spiderman. I smiled to myself as I purposely walked behind him and his family. There is always something fun and exciting in the energy that little kids have when they are young enough to believe that their dreams and visions are real and that nothing can stop them.

Then society steps in. In this case, it was one of the Wynn security guards. He stopped the family and told them the mask had to be removed. The magic was broken.

I loved was that this child was given the freedom to express himself how he wanted at that given moment.

What happens to us as adults? Why don’t we continue to dream, use our imaginations and write our own stories? Give ourselves permission to dream big without limits or better yet – actually dress up, show up and live our story to make those dreams happen like the little Spiderman did.

This isn’t a rhetorical question. I would love to hear your story.